Sustainable lotus

Sustainability policies

At lotus we believe that every action generates a reaction, and we want our actions to be a contribution. We are aware of the platform we’ve created and the level of impact and visibility that this provides.

The same that allows us to bring music, culture and art to thousands of people, also allows us the opportunity to show, by example, that this world can be made a better place, that we are all part of the solution to avoid climate change and its devastating consequences, to live in a more humane and inclusive country and leaves a legacy that speaks of everything we did great together.

This is our vision and after many years of work on different environmental initiatives, we’ve decided that it’s time to make a statement through this sustainability policy, to define our pillars, set a path and guide, not only our actions as a production company, but all the works in which we take part.

We want to ensure that everyone who is related to Lotus, whether collaborating with the production company, as a sponsor, as an audience, as an artist, or in any other way, raise their level of awareness regarding sustainability, acquire new habits, live an experience or learn something.



Music is a great vehicle for communicating emotions, causes and content. We want to entertain, inspire and teach.


Ten years of work on different sustainable actions, creating a standard of environmental management in the entertainment industry. We want to go further and achieve more demanding goals, adding our stakeholders to this challenge as well.


We intend to leave a positive mark on the environment in which we develop through specific projects that, as much as possible, gives back to the planet the resource we have obtained from it.

our commitment


  1. Be inclusive in the broadest sense of the word.
  2. Respect the community and neighbors of our events, always trying to cause the least amount of impact.
  3. Promote digital or physical areas to show educational content and experiences with environmental and social meaning.
  4. Create an environment of excellence and friendship for our work team, where we all get involved with the aim of being defenders for sustainability in the music industry.


  1. Carbon neutral events
  2. Obtain zero waste certification for our festivals.
  3. Promote clean and shared transport.
  4. Rational use of water in our events.
  5. Efficiently managed energy, including renewable energy.
  6. Promote healthy eating, improving the food offer.


  1. We will work permanently together with the authority, on projects to improve the public areas in which our events take place.
  2. We’ll develop a forest in the south of Chile, our Lotus forest, which will become a compensation project for our emissions and for all the music actors who want to be part of this dream.